Metalsmith Stump

We had a beautiful pine tree. Unfortunately it had grown into the electric wires. So before it got worse we decided to have it cut down. But I saved one of the logs so I could make a metalsmith stump.
I've seen them on Instagram and they are awesome for stamping and hammering. Pine is not the best option but you gotta work with what you have!
The first step was debarking. This isn't easy! But I took my time with this and did a little bit each day. I bought this debarking tool off Amazon and it worked great! The edge is sharp enough to wedge under the bark. You need to move the handle up and down while pushing downward at the same time to get the job done. I think it is probably easier with dried wood but I was anxious to get started. Also I didn't want to attract any bugs so the sooner the bark is gone the better.
I have to let it dry next. Then I have plans to blacken the wood with a torch and screw a leather belt on with some ease to hang hammers. So I still have some work to do but it will be something I will treasure for years to come.
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