How I make ear wires

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Making the perfect ear wires took me several tries to get them exactly as I wanted. I tried various methods but finally decided this way is the BEST!

First I take a length of wire approx 6 inches long. I really don't measure this I just spread out my hand and guess. Next I bend the wire in half and carefull pinch the wire close together.
I use stepped pliers for the next part. I make a loop by turning and removing them then use the pliers again in the opposite direction until I feel the loop touch the wire. 
The part of the wire that goes through your ear is made with one swoop over bail making pliers. I push the loop right up to the pliers and then bend the wire over. 
Almost done!
Now I cut the ends off even using the flush side of the cutters and give them a slight bend. I prefer round nose pliers for this step.
At this final part I finally separate the two ear wires. By doing this last it ensures the two pieces are identical as humanly possible. I snip one side then carefully comparing I cut the other side.  Again I use the flush side of the cutters for this. Now I use the stepped pliers again just to make the loop nice and round. 
I hammer the curves on the wires and polish with steel wire to complete them!
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