Hot Patterns Beginner Dressmaking Projects

Here is my pinterest board of Hot Patterns Beginner Dressmaking Projects I plan on making.

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My SRAJD challenge

My birthday is coming up so I decided to make something for myself. It is a bit of a practice piece too. Since it is the first time I am using Potter USA silver stampings. I bought a sun stamping because I can't get Jimmy Buffet's song -Trip Around the Sun- out of my mind. Just as luck would have it the SRAJD group had a challenge this month to make something based on a song.

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RIP Abby

In 2006 I did something that would change my life. I went to a dog shelter.

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Summer sewing plans 2016

Sewing a Merchant and Mills Apron

Making jewelry is messy. Sometimes I drop tiny pieces. Sometimes wax or flux gets on my clothes. So I decided an apron could help with all of that.

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Being Thankful

Well November is the month to be thankful! And I have so much to be thankful for but I am especially thankful to everyone who has supported handmade and bought my jewelry. As a thank you I am offering FREE earrings. I will be posting the offer tomorrow on Facebook. Anyone who "likes" the offer is entered and if you "like and share" your name will be entered twice. Again thank you to everyone who supported me. - And keep following because I plan on another give-away on Cyber Monday! Have a wonderful November and Happy Thanksgiving!

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Sierra Sew Along

How to make a hook clasp

Welcome to Technique Tuesday!

I recently listed a simple cross necklace on a leather cord. Although the design is simple the hook clasp I used was handmade by me.

So for #techniquetuesday I thought I would show you the steps involved in making a handmade clasp.

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Cleaning Handmade Jewelry

I am often asked about cleaning handmade jewelry. I am of the belief that jewelry and water should seldom mix. More often than not the jewelry has darkened because of oxidization. Here is the link to a video I did about how to polish handmade jewelry. 


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BeadFest 2015


Torch fired enameled beads











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