Leaf Earrings Autumn Jewelry


Sterling silver leaf earrings
These have a wonderful graceful movement and reflect the light beautifully.
Hand sawed and stamped
The stem is soldered on and extends to create the top loop
Sterling ear wires. I made these a little longer to give a nice balance when wearing them.
Approx 1 7/8  inches long
20 gauge metal. These are a substantial weight but not too heavy. 
Made to order. Estimate wait time is one week. 


All Handmade by Kennedy pieces are handmade by myself, Darlene. Every piece of jewelry is unique and one of a kind. I put a lot of creative energy into making jewelry. I use traditional methods of hand sawing, soldering, and finishing so every piece has variations and distinctive features. I make, photograph, and package all items myself. Thank you for visting my shop.